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southern california is where it's at


I used to wake up some days and wished I’d stayed asleep. Cause I went to bed on top of the world, today the worlds on top of me.

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bank: your account is at -$5000….

me: |-5000|

me: :)

bank: sorry for wasting your time sir, you have a nice day.

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Meeting Ariana Grande, Then and Now. →



omg this is messy as fuck

they came with receipts too
she better pray this doesn’t reach any gossip sites

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the area of exposed skin between a crop top and a pair of high waisted shorts is sacred and magical

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when will my life’s bass drop

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"Curing AIDS? Shit, that’s like Cadillac making a car that lasts for 50 years. And you know they can do it, but they ain’t going to do nothing that fucking dumb. Shit, they got metal on the Space Shuttle that can go around the Moon and withstand  temperatures of up to 20,000 degrees, you mean to tell me you don’t think they can make an El Dorado with a fuckin’ bumper that don’t fall off?"

- Chris Rock (“Bigger and Blacker”, 1999)



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Things I’ll teach my children (via wanksclub)

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Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible.


Do y’all understand the importance here?

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